My Lucas FamilyHello, and welcome to the Lucas Family History website. I began working on family history when I was about 14 years old. My aunt on my father’s side sent me all her information and I helped her out when I could. When I was about 20 I started working on my mother’s side of the family and now go back and forth between the two. It was also about that time that I got my first computer. I typed in all the information I had in an early family history program and printed out group sheet pages and pedigree charts. I started visiting the Mormon family history centers in Salt Lake and in my area and looking up more information. Now I don’t bother to print anything out, I just keep it all on my computer.

About 10 years ago I decided I wanted to make a web site for my family history. I have lots of other sites that I do for fun and I wanted to do this for my family. Since I am a web designer, I wasn’t overly happy with the quality of web pages that were made by family history software programs. I also noticed that many of them didn’t even bother with pedigree charts. So over the years, for a long time I took the basic pages created by my family history program and the pedigree charts generated by another program and I integrated the two and designed my own family record and pedigree web pages. Then I found RootsMagic. I used that for a while and now I’ve found Genealone.

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